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Exact Online REST API - Users



Good to know

Unlike many other APIs, this API does not support the division code in the URL. If you supply the division code in the URL then the response status will be 501 - Not Implemented.

The following properties will only have an effect during PUT and POST operations:

- Customer: when trying to create or update a user you must supply the ID of that user's customer in this property. You can retrieve that ID using the CRMAccounts API. The ID property indicates the customer's ID. The user will become a member of that customer. It means that, in case the request is executed on behalf of a user that has rights to create users for his/her clients the customer ID can be different from his/her own customer.
This scenario may be applicable e.g. for an accountant that manages his client's license and/or administrations.

- UserDivisionList: the property is used to grant/revoke access to one or more divisions.
The list is comma separated.
If the property is omitted access to divisions will not be modified.
When a division is not in the list, but access was already granted, the access to that division will be revoked.
If the property is supplied without any values access to all divisions will be revoked.

- UserTypeCode: through the UserTypeCode roles will be assigned to the user, that in turn determines the rights the user will have while accessing a given division.
This property is mandatory.

- ProfileCode: If ProfileCode is supported, Roles assigned to the user will be filtered based on the ProfileCode. That in turn determines the rights the user will have while accessing a given division.


Organization administration




Example usage






Name Mandatory Value Value Type Description
UserID False Edm.Guid Primary key
AuthenticationType False Edm.Int32 Authentication Type: 2=Forms, 8=Totp, 16=Auth0FederatedSSO, 32=Auth0Login, 64=B2CFederatedLogin, 128=B2CLogin. It is a bitwise enumerator, e.g. Forms + Totp = 10
BirthDate False Edm.DateTime Birth date
Created False Edm.DateTime Creation date
Creator False Edm.Guid User ID of the creator
CreatorFullName False Edm.String Name of the creator
Customer True Edm.Guid Customer the user belongs to
CustomerName False Edm.String Name of Customer
Email False Edm.String Email address of the user
EndDate False Edm.DateTime Date after which the user login is disabled. NULL means no enddate
FirstName False Edm.String First name
FullName False Edm.String Full name of the user
Gender False Edm.String Gender: M=Male, V=Female, O=Unknown
HasRegisteredForTwoStepVerification False Edm.Boolean User has completed registration of Two-Step verification
HasTwoStepVerification False Edm.Boolean User must use Two-Step verification to log in
Initials False Edm.String Initials
IsAnonymised False Edm.Boolean Indicates whether the user is anonymised.
IsAPICall False Edm.Boolean To validate default values for API
Language False Edm.String Language (culture) that is used in Exact Online
LastLogin False Edm.DateTime The last time this user logged in
LastName False Edm.String Last name
MiddleName False Edm.String Middle name
Mobile False Edm.String Mobile phone
Modified False Edm.DateTime Last modified date
Modifier False Edm.Guid User ID of the last modifier
ModifierFullName False Edm.String Name of the last modifier
Nationality False Edm.String Nationality
Notes False Edm.String Remarks
Phone False Edm.String Phone number
PhoneExtension False Edm.String Phone number extension
ProfileCode False Edm.String Profile code
StartDate False Edm.DateTime Startdate after which the login is allowed. If the start date is NULL the login is allowed as well
Title False Edm.String Title
UserDivisionList False Edm.String User Division List - CSV format
UserName False Edm.String Login name of the user
UserTypeCode True Edm.String User type code