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Exact Online REST API - SalesPriceListLinkedAccounts



Good to know

Use this endpoint to :
 • retrieve customers linked to the price lists

Price lists allow you to manage prices for different items and customers. You can link several customers to a price list, but each customer can only be linked to one price list at a time.

Use the following related endpoints to retrieve details of prices lists :
 • SalesPriceLists
 • SalesPriceListPeriods
 • SalesPriceListVolumeDiscounts

For more information about the functionality in Exact Online, see Sales price management.

This endpoint is available for the following packages:


Sales prices




Example usage






Name Mandatory Value Value Type Description
ID False Edm.Guid Primary key. Customer account ID
Code False Edm.String Customer account code, fixed length numeric string with leading spaces, length 18. IMPORTANT: When you use OData $filter on this field you have to make sure the filter parameter contains the leading spaces
Created False Edm.DateTime Creation date
Creator False Edm.Guid User ID of creator
CreatorFullName False Edm.String Name of creator
Division False Edm.Int32 Division code
Modified False Edm.DateTime Last modified date
Modifier False Edm.Guid User ID of modifier
ModifierFullName False Edm.String Name of modifier
Name False Edm.String Customer account name
PriceList False Edm.Guid Price list ID