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Exact Online REST API - SalesPriceListDetails



Good to know

Use this endpoint to :
 • retrieve more details about existing price lists.

This endpoint is redundant and is going to be removed. Please refer to the new endpoints SalesPriceLists , SalesPriceListLinkedAccounts , SalesPriceListPeriods and SalesPriceListVolumeDiscounts .

When calling the GET method of this endpoint, the active price periods' items will be returned.

Each item contains information of the new price, the validity period of this price, the currency information, item group, item unit information, and the account if this price list is for certain customers only.

The response will also contain details about the quantity to be ordered to get the discount in case the discount was a (Volume discount).

For more information about the functionality in Exact Online, see Overview | Price lists.

This endpoint is available for the following packages:


Sales prices




Example usage






Name Mandatory Value Value Type Description
ID False Edm.Guid Primary key
Account False Edm.Guid Customer account Id
AccountName False Edm.String Customer account name
BasePrice False Edm.Guid ID of the base price.

If base price = use the standard sales price, it shows null.

If base price = set sales price, it shows ID of the sales price within this volume discount.
BasePriceAmount False Edm.Double Amount of the base price.

If base price = use the standard sales price, it shows the latest item sales price.

If base price = set sales price, it shows the base price which defined in price list.
Created False Edm.DateTime Creation date
Creator False Edm.Guid User ID of creator
CreatorFullName False Edm.String Name of creator
Currency False Edm.String Currency
Discount False Edm.Double Discount
Division False Edm.Int32 Division code
EndDate False Edm.DateTime End date
EntryMethod False Edm.Int16 Indicates whether discount or the new price is leading : 1-Discount, 2-New price.


1. When entry method is Discount and use base price, Discounted price = (1 - SalesPriceListDetails.Discount) * SalesPriceListDetails.BasePriceAmount

2. When entry method is Discount and use Item's standard sales price, Discounted price = (1 - SalesPriceListDetails.Discount) * SalesItemPrices.Price

3. When entry method is New price, Discounted price = SalesPriceListDetails.NewPrice
Item False Edm.Guid Item
ItemDescription False Edm.String Description of the item
ItemGroup False Edm.Guid ItemGroup
ItemUnit False Edm.String Default sales unit of the item
Modified False Edm.DateTime Last modified date
Modifier False Edm.Guid User ID of modifier
ModifierFullName False Edm.String Name of modifier
NewPrice False Edm.Double New price after discount
NumberOfItemsPerUnit False Edm.Double Number of the item per unit
PriceListCode False Edm.String Code of the PriceList
PriceListId False Edm.Guid Id of the PriceList
Quantity False Edm.Double Quantity
StartDate False Edm.DateTime Start date
Unit False Edm.String Unit