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Exact Online REST API - SalesItemPrices



Good to know

Use this endpoint to :
 • Create a new sales item price. It will be treated as 'Price Agreement' when an account is provided. If is not provided, it will be treated as the usual sales price.
 • Retrieve an existing sales item price.
 • Update an existing sales item price.
 • Delete an existing sales item price.

There are several ways of defining sales price of an item. You can manage prices according to different items and customers. You can also create for seasonal offers within a specified period.
For more information about the sales price management functionality in Exact Online, see Sales price management.

This endpoint is available for the following packages:


Sales prices




Example usage






Name Mandatory Value Value Type Description
ID False Edm.Guid Primary key
Account False Edm.Guid ID of the customer
AccountName False Edm.String Name of the customer account
Created False Edm.DateTime Creation date
Creator False Edm.Guid User ID of creator
CreatorFullName False Edm.String Name of creator
Currency False Edm.String The currency of the price
DefaultItemUnit False Edm.String The default unit of the item
DefaultItemUnitDescription False Edm.String The description of the default item unit
Division False Edm.Int32 Division code
EndDate False Edm.DateTime Together with StartDate this determines whether the price is active
Item False Edm.Guid Item ID
ItemCode False Edm.String Code of Item
ItemDescription False Edm.String Description of Item
Modified False Edm.DateTime Last modified date
Modifier False Edm.Guid User ID of modifier
ModifierFullName False Edm.String Name of modifier
NumberOfItemsPerUnit False Edm.Double This is the multiplication factor when going from default item unit to the unit of this price.For example if the default item unit is 'gram' and the price unit is 'kilogram' then the value of this property is 1000.
Price False Edm.Double The actual price of this sales item
Quantity False Edm.Double Minimum quantity to which the price is applicable
StartDate False Edm.DateTime Together with EndDate this determines whether the price is active
Unit False Edm.String The unit code of the price
UnitDescription False Edm.String Description of the price unit