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Exact Online REST API - ItemGroups



Good to know

Use this endpoint to read item groups.

Item groups are used to organize items.
For more information about the item groups functionality in Exact Online, see Working with item groups.

This endpoint is available for the following packages:


Logistics items




Example usage






Name Mandatory Value Value Type Description
ID False Edm.Guid A guid that is the unique identifier of the item group
Code False Edm.String Code of the item group
Created False Edm.DateTime Creation date
Creator False Edm.Guid User ID of creator
CreatorFullName False Edm.String Name of creator
Description False Edm.String Description of the item group
Division False Edm.Int32 Division code
GLCosts False Edm.Guid GL account on which the costs of items of this group will be booked
GLCostsCode False Edm.String Code of GLCosts
GLCostsDescription False Edm.String Description of GLCosts
GLPurchaseAccount False Edm.Guid GL Purchase account for purchase invoicing according to (non-) perpetual inventory method
GLPurchaseAccountCode False Edm.String Code of GLPurchase
GLPurchaseAccountDescription False Edm.String Description of GLPurchaseAccount
GLPurchasePriceDifference False Edm.Guid GL account that will be used for the 'Standard cost price' valuation method to balance the difference between purchase price and cost price
GLPurchasePriceDifferenceCode False Edm.String Code of GLPurchasePriceDifference
GLPurchasePriceDifferenceDescr False Edm.String Description of GLPurchasePriceDifference
GLRevenue False Edm.Guid GL account on which the revenue for items of this group will be booked
GLRevenueCode False Edm.String Code of GLRevenue
GLRevenueDescription False Edm.String Description of GLRevenue
GLStock False Edm.Guid GL account on which stock entries will be booked for items of this group
GLStockCode False Edm.String Code of GLStock
GLStockDescription False Edm.String Description of GLStock
GLStockVariance False Edm.Guid GL stock variance account for perpetual inventory
GLStockVarianceCode False Edm.String Code of GLStockVariance
GLStockVarianceDescription False Edm.String Description of GLStockVariance
IsDefault False Edm.Byte Indicates if this is the default item group that will be assigned when a new item is created
Modified False Edm.DateTime Last modified date
Modifier False Edm.Guid User ID of modifier
ModifierFullName False Edm.String Name of modifier
Notes False Edm.String Notes